Tramal Retard


Ingredients:  tramadol
Manufactured by Grunenthal
Content: 30 tabs /each tab 100mg




Tramal retard 100 mg

Brand names: Tramal Retard, Ultram
generic name: tramadol HCL

Tramadol retard, generic name tramadol, is often used as part of a treatment plan whenever pain relief is required 24 hours a day. It is a extended release drug. A powerful medical drug utilized in order to reduce intense and /or severe pain. For example as part of a treatment for bone injuries, severe neurological suffering, cancer, in the case of cardio problems, soreness after surgery and in some cases also for minor pain in the neck and back.

Tramadol is not really a addictive substance. It is not likely to lead to dependency with prolonged use.

Tramal Retard Precautions

You should not consume this particular medication in the events listed below.

•You happen to be allergic or sensitive to the main ingredients. if •Ever been a alcoholic or drug addict.
•You shouldn’t use tramadol if you have attempted any self-destruction acts or suicide in the last 5 years.
•Consuming hypnotics or benzodiazepines such as xanax, rivotril, diazepam or halcion.
•In case you are consuming any anti depressants or other drugs with regard to anxiety or depressive disorders.
•Taking medicines pertaining to any psychological disorder such as bipolar disease.


Tramal Retard withdrawal and Safety

It is not recommended that you stop taking tramal retard suddenly as it can lead to extremely uncomfortable drug withdrawal signs and symptoms. We advice you to consult with your health care provider whenever you will be stopping the medicine. This is the recommended method in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Always keep track of the total amount of pills taken from each box and blister. Tramal retard can in some cases become a drug of abuse if you do not take the necessary precautions. Additionally, you will want to remain mindful of where you keep your medicine. Otherwise your own personal medicinal drugs may be stolen and used by individuals that have access to your apartment, house or belongings.