tindol 50 mg (2000 caps)

$1,600.00 $740.00

Ingredient:  tramadol HCL
Manufacturer/ producer:  HK-pharma
Content: 2000 caps /each cap 50 mg


Tindol 50 mg Info

Tramadol (offered as generic ultram) is an opioid pain medicine used in order to deal with average to more serious pain. Pain alleviation typically takes place within 30-45 minutes. Generic ultram has a couple of unique mechanisms in the body. For one, it hooks up to the µ-opioid receptors in your body which results in pain alleviation. Furthermore, it reduces uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine which in turn aids in calming your body and your mind.

How do we prepare your meds?

2000 tindol caps will fit very well into a average/ large sized envelope, and your medication are safely protected by bubble wrap and x-ray proof carbon paper. As a result you do not need to stress about customs issues. Your package will not be stopped by customs, we guarantee that.

In addition, the capsules are packed in such a way that they won’t be crushed during transportation.

Physical dependence and withdrawal

Prolonged use of higher dosages of tindol may cause dependence and withdrawal symptoms. These include both drug withdrawal symptoms typical of opioid withdrawal as well as those connected with benzodiazepine withdrawal, such as tingling, prickling and various ear conditions. Psychiatric signs or symptoms might include hallucinations, psychosis, and confusion.  However in most cases, tramadol withdrawal symptoms are not serious.