tindol 50 mg (1000 caps)

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Ingredients:  tramadol HCL
Manufacturer is HK-pharma
Content: 1000 caps /each tab 50mg


Tindol 50 mg Info

Tramadol (offered as generic ultram) is an opioid pain medicine used in order to deal with average to more serious pain, both acute and chronic. When used as an instant-release medication, pain alleviation normally takes place within about 45 minutes. This medication has a couple of unique mechanisms in the body. To start with, it attaches to the µ-opioid receptors which results in great pain relief. Secondly, tramadol prevents uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine which helps calm the body and mind.


Tindol and packaging of your meds

1000 tramadol capsules fits perfectly into a average sized envelope which are packed very discreetly. Therefore you do not need to worry about customs issues. Your medication are safely protected by bubble wrap and x-ray proof carbon paper and will not be stopped by customs.

Furthermore, we guarantee that the capsules won’t bounce around or be damaged in transit.

Generic ultram Medical uses and onset of action

Its painkiller effects sets in quite quickly. However it takes 1-3 hours to peak following oral administration using an instant-release product such as tindol. Tramadol has about 1-10th the overall potency of oxycodone and is approximately equally potent when compared to codeine and ethylmorphine.
For moderate pain its usefulness is comparable to that of hydrocodone and oxycodone. For severe pain it’s much less effective than oxycontin.  These pain-relieving effects peak at about 3 hours, post-oral administration and last for around 7 hours.