Sevredol 10 mg


Ingredients:   morphine sulphate
Origin:  Mundipharma

Content:  100 tabs /each tab contains 10 mg of morphine

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Sevredol is a capsule shaped, blue tablet that contains 10 mg of morphine sulphate.
It is a very strong analgesic which can be used alone, but it can also be used in combination with other medications such as sedatives, in order to obtain the desired effects.
However consuming opioid analgesics such as nalbuphine, pentazocine, oxycodone (oxycontin) or /and buprenorphine at the same time as you are taking morphine, is not always a good idea.
Keep in mind that morphine is a very strong pain killer, so using it with other opioid analgesic at the same time could multiple the potency of the drug.
As with all narcotics ,precautions should be taken when using morphine sulphate. For example it is not recommended to operate a car or other vehicles under influence of morphine  (sevredol).

Additional precautions: Do not take morphine at the same time as cimetidine. Those two drugs don’t go well together and
the presence of cimetidine will greatly inhibit the metabolism of morphine in your body.

Sevredol 10 mg is one of the best alternatives when it comes to treating severe ,chronic pain such as back pain.

Sevredol (morphine) is a natural pain reliever in the opiate class of medications which includes drugs like hydromorphone, dihydrocodeine (dicodin),  oxycodone, codeine, percocet and subutex (buprenorphine).


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