Contramal 100 mg/2ml – 20 amps

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Ingredients:  tramadol
Manufactured by Grunenthal
Content: 2 boxes (20 amps) /each amp 100mg, 2ml

Free Supplies (sent along in separate package):

20 syringes 30 gauge 



Thedonrx’s Tramadol Advice

Note: When adjusting doses, please take into account that 1 ampoule of our contramal (injected) equals to 250-350 mg tramadol taken orally.

How to use Contramal

For the easiest and most painless injection , you may inject contramal into the stomach fat (just a few mm’s underneath the skin surface) as shown in the picture below.


Tramadol and Training

A method used by a few golf players is to inject tramadol just before getting onto the field, and it is also used by some bodybuilders before hard training sessions. However those methods are not recommended by Thedonrx.

We recommend that you use injections only for severe pain relief, in those instances where tramadol capsules won’t do the trick


Pain relieving properties

An narcotic pain reliever, Contramal 50 MG Injectable ampoules works as a pain killer, giving you instant relief from moderate and severe pain. it binds to certain receptors in your body. These receptors reduces the pain messages that your body sends to the brain whenever you are in pain.

Pain-free tramadol injection , How to do it?

The medication can be taken by injecting with a small gauge needle (30 G) just underneath the skin on the belly, into the fat, which is painless.  Or by using the connect-needles included in this offer. Using the connect needle method, you simply connect the connecter-needle to the syringe and inject it into a muscle or a vein.

Furthermore, we supply the smallest size needles/ syringes available . This is done to make sure the injection is pain-free and to ensure that the needle will not damage any tissue ,skin or veins in your body.