Codalgin forte (codeine 30/500) – 100 pills


Origin: Aspen, Australia

Ingredients: Codeine sulphate, paracettamol
Content: 5 boxes(100 tabs) /each tab 30 mg/ 500 mg


Codalgin Forte

This medication is used for:

Moderate to severe pain, and very effective at that.


Legal info/ What to know

A valid prescription written by our own International doctor is sent along with Codalgin Forte.  This ensures that you have the right to posses and carry the medication with you wherever you wish.

Before you take it

When you must not take it

Do not consume codeine products if you are allergic to:

Codalgin Forte or any of the other ingredients mentioned below.
Oxycodone , oxycontin, percocet
Morphine, ms contin

Many of the signs or symptoms of an allergic reaction might include reddish and inflamed skin rashes, difficulty when inhaling and exhaling, hay-fever, inflammation of the throat ,face or dizziness.

Do not take Codeine in case you are having respiration problems such as bronchial asthma or respiratory disease. Do not take Codalgin forte 30/500 if you think you are suffering from looseness of the bowels ,induced by antibiotic drugs.


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